– When two parts of the world come together –

Connecting them by heart and passion for bread and Korea

The focus for European Specials are only special products from The Netherlands, France and Germany. The bread from these countries are handmade and authentic.

We started already with exporting our local product: “The Bolus”. European Specials France are focusing on the white variants of breaking bread. European Specials Germany will focusing more on the dark variants of breaking bread and European Specials Holland will specializing multi grain products.

Breaking bread grain (France)

Bread is a product that can’t be missed on the French menu. Baguettes, soft sweet round shaped bread made of desem grain and many other delicious bread products are part of the French culture.

Breaking bread dark (Germany)

The dark variant of bread is often linked to Germany. The special variant of desem in this kind of dark bread made this product high standard in the German bakery’s.

Breaking bread multi-grain (The Netherlands)

Breaking bread multi-grain exist and is made of several kinds of grain. It takes care of an unique and healthy dark variant of breaking bread.

The grain is produced in Holland and the preparation is made of a special kind of desem which made the product having a fantastic taste.

‘De Bolus’

The Bolus is a product that was original made from the Province Zeeland, The Netherlands. It has it’s roots from Spain and Portugal. The Bolus is an authentic product created with luxury white bread & mixed with brown sugar. The taste is very unique which made this product absolutely outstanding and very popular.