About the Master baker

My name is Namsy de Jonge (Hong Se Nam), born in Seoul South-Korea, and I grew up in Zierikzee, The Netherlands.

From the first moment that I visited my birth country, I felt an indescribable connection. I decided to do more research about the Korean life and culture with an especially focus on their food culture.

Because I am a baker myself, I was very interested in how and what kind of bread they made in Korea.

It is my pleasure to combine my passion and knowledge for bread with the Korean food culture.

My ambition

After several visits in my country of birth “South-Korea” I literally started to orientate  about the possibilities to create a stronger connection between myself and South-Korea.Koreans in general enjoy the Western style of living and it get’s more popular these days especially in terms of food. My passion for making bread  and other sweet specialties would be a perfect fit for this popular trend.

Because of the rising popularity of European Specials, it would be a great opportunity to create a bridge between my passion and South Korea to export special food products which are unique and handmade.

– with passion and care –